3 Reasons Why Ordinary Companies with Extraordinary Salespeople Outsail Extraordinary Companies with Ordinary Salespeople

What do great salespeople do different? Why do some companies with lesser experience and skills rake in more revenue than you? Why getting the word out there of your brilliant work is as important as doing brilliant work?


I know a digital marketing agency that shells out jaw-dropping returns on investments for their clients. Yet they struggle to touch the 5-figure mark in average monthly revenue.


I know an award-winning writer who chucks out inspiring, engaging articles for merely $15 an hour.

I also know a self-proclaimed “marketing guru” who made half a million last year selling generic business advice to gullible wannapreneurs lured by the promise to transform their lives easily and quickly – because – hey, if the “marketing guru” can do it, you can do it too.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t imply that you have to adopt twisted tactics to sell. But there’s a large number of highly-competent companies that don’t realize or reach their full potential. Why?

Because sales is not a priority for them. The digital marketing agency I mentioned earlier is so engrossed into projects for their clients that leaves them with little time for sales.

The writer loves writing so much that sales seems unappealing to him.

Most digital agencies and freelancers believe that just the quality of their work would fetch them more quality clients. And this is why most of them primarily depend on referrals and word of mouth publicity.

What do companies with extraordinary salespeople do differently?

  • Extraordinary salespeople make the first move

    They know that they can’t depend on others’ actions for their growth. Proactivity runs through their veins. They find the ideal companies they want to work with and reach out to them through a cold email, LinkedIn or through their personal network with a solution to their existing problem.
  • Extraordinary salespeople are not deterred by “NO”

    They have such immense belief in their product that they believe they’re doing a disservice to their prospective clients by not pitching them the solutions to their problems.

    Great salespeople are not deterred by rejection because the way they reach out to their prospects is fuelled more by the value they offer than the money.

    Like everyone else, their path is also a rollercoaster with winning and losing deals. For them, the thrill of the rise is worth the fall.

  • Extraordinary salespeople are persistent and persuasive

    The prospect relentlessly. Every single day. Not a day goes for them without trying to win a new client. Consistency is the king in sales. If something goes downhill, they reflect upon themselves on what could have they done differently for a different outcome.

    Master salespeople are in a constant process of improving themselves and their processes. They take a note of the possible objections and how to overcome those objections. Great salespeople know how to persuade rather than push.

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