6 Essential Tools We Use for Cold Emailing

From finding leads and building and cleaning list of prospects to sending out emails at scale, find out how these 6 online tools can automate and run your cold email campaigns smoothly.



1. G Suite (costs around $5 per month)


G Suite makes it easier to handle business email accounts – you can log into your business email account just like you log into Gmail. Also, free email accounts are likelier to get blocked if you’re mass emailing. G Suite has business support and offers the option to unlock your account (fortunately, we never had any of our accounts blocked).



2. Web Scraper (Free Chrome extension)


Web scraper helps us to build lists of prospects. First, you need to identify a lead pool. If you’re looking for a list of restaurants, it could be yelp; if you’re looking for tour operators, it could be TripAdvisor; if you’re looking for web development agencies, it could be Clutch; if you’re looking for Startups, it could be AngelList.


With the Web Scraper extension, you can automatically scrape all the information you need for each business – for, eg, the company name, website, address, phone number, and email addresses to an excel sheet.


Using Web Scraper is a bit tricky, and you might need to watch a few Youtube tutorials to get hold of it at first. Alternatively, you can hire someone on Upwork or Fiverr to do it for you for $5 – $10.



3. LinkedIn (Free; Sales Navigator in LinkedIn with more features costs $80 per month)


When emailing medium-large businesses, it’s important to know the person in a company you’re emailing to. If you’re offering marketing solutions and send an email to the CTO, you are most likely not going to hear from them.


LinkedIn helps you to locate all the employees in a company, and find the most appropriate person to contact. Also, you get the name of the person, and you can address the person with their first name in your email.



4. Hunter.io (Free for 100 email addresses)


Many times, the lead pools don’t have the emails associated with the companies. Even if they have, these are generic emails like info@example.com or support@example.com.


Hunter provides the individual emails associated with a company. With the free account, you have to find emails individually. You can mass search and export results to a CSV file using one of the paid options that start with $39/month. Services like VoilaNobert and FindAnyLead work the same way, but we have found Hunter to be more accurate.



Alternatively, you can use extensions like Adapt Prospector and Skrapp to find emails directly from LinkedIn, but these go against the Terms and Conditions of LinkedIn and may get your account blocked.



5. BriteVerify ($.01 per verification)


One thing you can’t ignore if you’re cold emailing is to verify the email addresses. If a significant number of your emails are bounced or undelivered, you might get your email address blocked and/or lead your emails to be delivered in the spam folder.


BriteVerify makes sure the email addresses are deliverable. Again, there are many services like BriteVerify, but we find it easier to use with straightforward pricing.



6. Mailshake ($29 per month)


You have a 100 emails to send. Are you thinking to send these – one by one manually. There’s an easier way to do this. Using Mailshake (or other services like Woodpecker, Autoklose, etc.), you can write an email copy, upload the excel sheet with the list of companies, email addresses, and other details.


If you have specific details for each email such as the first name, company name, or personalization, you can include snippets and the app will pull out that information from the excel sheet and send as if all emails are customized.

It also spaces out each email – making sure that the whole process seems “humanely.” You can track delivery, open, click-through, and reply rates – helping to compare multiple campaigns.

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