Our Process


We start with understanding your business and the value you provide. Based on your services, verticals, and your previous clients, we map out your ideal client profile based on disguised commonalities.

List Building

We, then, build a list of the right companies, the right person to contact, and the right way to contact them. We spend time on each prospect's website and social media profiles to make sure they actually need your services, instead of buying random lists on the internet and spamming the heck out of them with mass emails.


Now that we understand your ideal customer, we will create the initial cold email outreach along with the follow-up messages. We personalize each email based on the research on each company - this is the secret spice that gives us high open and reply rates. Our usual open rates are between 70%-95% and the reply rates are in the range of 10%-30%.

Let’s Get Started!

This is the first step towards choking your sales pipeline with qualified leads. Fill this short questionnaire  that would help us break the ice 🙂 Based on your response, we will get back to you shortly with a detailed lead generation strategy for you.